Tackling street harassment & gender stereotypes in youngsters

EquAlley sets out to challenge gender stereotypes, social injustice and gender-based violent behaviour, particularly in public spaces, in youngsters. This will be done by promoting and encouraging youngsters to re-think gender roles, norms and stereotypes through a blended-learning course offered in institutions working with youth (schools, youth centers, sports clubs...). Through a study, pilot actions and training activities with educators themselves, the EquAlley team will develop highly relevant and valuable resources, supporting and encouraging educators to include these crucial topics in their learning experiences.


December - 2021 / December - 2023

Target Groups

The course and its guide will be designed for educators working with youth at the age of 12-16 years old to facilitate and include topics of gender norms, stereotypes and street harassment in their learning experiences and lessons. It will target youngsters, particularly young men to become more aware and thus preventing gender-violent behavior and young women to strengthen their confidence and self-efficacy but will also pay attention to all other genders that usually fall out of the frame.

Products and Outcomes

  • a booklet that describes the needs assessment and research on the topics based on qualitative data collection in all countries
  • a course for educators directed at youngsters aged 12-16 to learn and reflect on the EquAlley topics
  • a final guide (i.e. course manual) for educators to support the course facilitation

Project Partners

es Escuela Profesional Otxarkoaga (Spain)

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