Highly customized Consulting in Human Resources

AidLearn is your partner in the Human Resources strategic management  and Organisational Development.

The consulting activity has been made in the national space and the EU, with organisations in various economic sectors, such as food industries, ceramics, tourism (hotels, restaurants, entertainment and adventure), education / training and services.

This experience allowed us to develop and consolidate competencies and knowledge in making diagnoses; counselling and preparation of business plans; project design, implementation and evaluation of projects; consulting to managers / entrepreneurs on business strategy and organisational development; development of balance of competencies; management training projects and research-action; planning, organisation and training management; marketing plans, highly customized stratetic consulting in HR and training.

The consulting service (organisational development and competencies) provided to micro, small and medium business clients, has shown the methodology of training-action as particularly suited to their specific needs, and we continue to invest in this intervention model.

In short, AidLearn implements consulting services aligned with your business, supporting you in your activity and in achieving your strategic objectives. established.

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