Vocational training is a comprehensive and permanent process by which individuals acquire and / or develop knowledge and skills for the pursuit of a professional activity, better adaptation to technological and organizational changes, favouring their conditions of employment. Training individuals and groups is both a strategic tool of skills management for development, innovation and organizational competitiveness.

But adult education/training is not limited to its most labour dimension. It is an inalienable right of adults of all ages and also a support tool for personal development, cultural and social cohesion and civic participation.

Trainers / educators play a key role, being the guarantor of the quality of education / training in the country. AidLearn develops training of trainers (initial and ongoing) since 2005, and its Pedagogical Training Course for Trainers is approved by the IEFP.

AidLearn is a training provider organisation certified by DGERT in the following areas of education / training:

  • Training of Trainers / Teachers and Educational Sciences: 146 – Training of teachers and trainers in technological areas;
  • Arts: 213 – Audiovisual and media production;
  • Business Studies: 341 - Trade; 342 - Marketing and advertising; 346 - Secretariat and office work;
  • ICT: 481 – Computer sciences;
  • Manufacturing: 541 - Food industries;
  • Social Services: 762 - Social work and guidance;
  • Safety Services: 862 - Safety and hygiene at work;
  • Personal Services: 812 - Tourism and leisure; 814 - Domestic services.

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