Lisbon Metropolitan Area

Training Plan IDD Company (2015)
Courses: Time management and organization of work.
Training Plan POPH (2013-2014)
Trainers training on Equal Opportunities Area: Initial Trainer Training with Expertise on Gender Equality; Specialisation in Gender Equality.
Training Plan IDD Company (2014)
Course: Health and Safety at Work - intermediate level.
Training Plan IDD Company (2013)
Courses: Environment, Safety and Health at Work - basic concepts.
Training Plan POPH (2012-2013)
Modular training: Environment, Safety and Health at Work - basic concepts; English language - marketing sales; English language - administrative organisation of the sale; English Language - diagnosing space and analysis of the product; Spreadsheet - advanced features; Word processor - advanced features.
Training Plan EFAL Company (2010-2012)
Courses: Hygiene, Health and Safety in Food Sector; Preparation of meat products I; Preparation of meat products II; Cutting, processing and packaging meat products.
Training Plan POPH (2010-2011)
Modular training: Installation and Operation of Information Systems; Basic Skills in ICT; Computer networks; Advanced ICT skills; Computers in the office; Business Assets and Accounting.
Training Plan Inter Partner Assistance, S.A. Company (2007)
Courses: Call centre services; Leadership.
Training Plan PORLVT (2006)
Continuous training courses for adults and trainers: enhancement in management of human resources skills; development of emotional competence and motivation strategies for learning; The Internet, Intranet and PowerPoint used for educational purposes; improvement in production and use of teaching resources and methods and teaching techniques.