AidLearn - Mission, Vision and Values

Be a lifelong learning reference organisation in Training and HR Consulting, both in Portugal and in the European Union, addressing with quality the real needs of customers through research, offering  products and services with innovation that promote individual and/or organizational development.

To be among the main Actors of the market, being an excellence reference through the product quality, social responsibility, relationships and services, recognized by customers, collaborators, suppliers and the community in general.


  • Research-Action: Research and diagnosis as the key foundations for the renewal of practices and personal and/or organisational development.
  • Creativity: Innovative strategic solutions for competitive adaptation of organisations to the surrounding environment.
  • Consulting: Integrated and customized solutions for the implementation of viable solutions, flexible and personalised to the individual and/or organisational needs.
  • Evaluation: Monitoring and rigorous evaluation (at different levels) of interventions, training activities and project to encourage timely readjustments and assure the quality of processes, products and results.
  • Networking: Preference for work in collaborative multidisciplinary and multifunctional networks, both national and transnational.