AidLearn Consulting - training, human resources and conferences

The AidLearn intervention areas result from the interface between its vision and the experience accumulated by its collaborators, which has allowed to make an appropriate contribution to the development of competences, innovation and organizational competitiveness.

Innovative proposals in education/training systems and diversification of their training offer are established, largely, on methodologies and products developed in studies and projects, many carried out in transnational teams, through research-action. But also resulting from debates, experience sharing and dissemination of good practices at conferences and events promoted by AidLearn and focused in its areas of interest and work.

The focus on individual basis and/or organisational “personalised” solutions, designed to measure diagnosed needs and established targets may cover several stages, from the study, diagnosis, counselling and consulting to planning, management, monitoring and evaluation of interventions for the development of competences and the management of organisational change.
Register here the offer of recruitment and selection services, able to propose the best possible candidates to fill specific needs diagnosed at corporate-customers.

Briefly, we are a learning organization that constantly tries to renew their practices and expand their cooperation networks, national and European, without ceasing to be the same, that offers solutions for the reinvention/transformation of your company, for the establishment of an environment where collaborators may develop personally and professionally, while contributing to organisational goals.