Training Plan Municipality of Beja (2014)
Courses: ArcGIS Desktop - preparation and editing of geographic information.
Training Plan POPH (2013-2014)
Trainers training on Equal Opportunities Area: Initial Trainer Training with Expertise on Gender Equality; Specialisation in Gender Equality.
Training Plan Company Carreras, S.A. (2013)
Course: Safety at Work / equipment; shipment of goods; activities of "picking and packing"; storage rules; management and operation of the warehouse.
Training Plan POPH (2012-2013)
Modular training: Communication and Customers Support in Administrative Activity I; Computer at Administrative Activity - Photoshop; Customers Service in Foreign Language - English Language; Basic ICT skills: Word 1; Communication and Service in Administrative Activity 2; Operating Systems; Computers - Understanding; Basic ICT skills: Word 2; Basic ICT skills: Excel 1; Basic ICT skills: Excel 2; Basic ICT skills: Word 3.
Plan POS-Knowledge Training (2007-2008)
Modular and initial training courses: introduction to ICT and Word applications; Excel; Power point; Outlook and Internet.