Expert advice
To the project "Professional competencies generated by Volunteering" promoted by ISU - Institute of Solidarity and University Cooperation.
Design of SME training plans based on learning needs diagnosis
Stands out some of the clients: Silafrutos, Lda; Carreras, SA; Candelar Expositores, Lda; Inter Partner Assistence; Fativil Metalomecânica, Lda; Axa-Portugal; Funeral Center Agents Association (AAFC); Social Development Association Loureira (ADSL); JSC Pottery Crockery Regional and Decorative, Lda; José Carlos Bento - Metallic Constructions, S.A .; Social home of Arrabal; Portuguese Confederation of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (CPPME): Zinferaço - Civil Locksmiths Ltd; District Archive of Leira ADLRA; IDD-Industry Demilitarization and Defense SA, etc.
Applications to support economic activity and vocational training
For the above identified clients.
Preparation of accreditation processes
To the training providers "Quebranotas" and "Know How".
Consulting to the implementation of business projects
Optidados, Lda; Contempla Trilhos; Profitgest, and others.