Cinema for Refugees Social Inclusion

Financed by ERASMUS+ Programme (KA2, Adult Education), RefugeesIN stands for adult learning opportunities to social inclusion by critical analysis of European cinema and documentary film making, on inspiring refugees´ life stories.

Actions resulting in a resource Package to encourage intercultural dialogue, to combat discrimination against refugees and to promote their social inclusion. During Course Pilot Actions short documentaries are made by the participants (adult educators and refugees), within a multicultural learning environment and from real life stories of social inclusion.


November - 2016 / December - 2018

Target Groups

It is meant for adult educators of refugees, adult education providers, staff and civil society organisations, experts on adult education, social inclusion and on European film. Also meant to general public to raise awareness about cohesive and inclusive societies, the role of films in fostering representations of social inclusion and about how refugees’ communities can be dealt with today.


Products and Outcomes

A Package, containing:

  • Brochure: Real life stories – from escape to belonging
  • Film Catalogue: Films (feature films and short documentaries) of refugees’ social inclusion stories
  • Course: Curriculum and learning Manual, with pilot tests
  • Guide: Methodological framework for the best use of the assets (Adult Education and Civic Society organisations)
  • Flyer

Project Partners

pt AidLearn, Consultoria em Recursos Humanos, Lda (Portugal)

Social Networks