Learn +

Learning Plus for Adult Educators

Learn+ project aims to improve the pedagogical competences related with the diversity management of adult educators, contributing to the standardization and quality of vocational training to adult educators. And also an objective of Learn + project is to promote a better understanding of diversity, and making use of it to obtain better results to everybody.

The main objective of Learn+ project was to create a Training Course on Diversity Management targeted to adult educators. Diversity management is an important issue and every time more relevant because the diversity of people is increasing everywhere. Diversity could be in gender, age, social class, culture, religion, race, background, interests, origin country, etc. This diversity could lead to different behaviours and reactions to same events, different ways to work, different ways to learn, and if we are able to manage the diversity we can enhance the potential of each individual and obtain results with more quality.


October - 2009 / December - 2011

Target Groups

Adult trainers and teachers, to whom mainly the project is addressed, are considered agents of policy and change since they can reach and work with many people and through that are able to transmit, in an effective way, the new skills to a large group of people. The new role of adult educators, facilitators of learning, includes the management of diversity, as well as ICT and research skills.

Products and Outcomes

  • Learn + Logo
  • Learn+ Website
  • Learn+ Project flyers (paper and digital format)
  • Research Report
  • Diversity Management Training Course and Learning Package
  • Diversity Management CD-Rom
  • Learn+ Course Flyers

Project Partners

pt AidLearn, Consultoria em Recursos Humanos, Lda (Portugal)