ECO Hosting.NET

European network of eco-hosts in wild nature

The ECO project is the result of cross-reflection between European operators in training, tourism and local development. These players wish to offer a common European response to the challenges of training and support for tourist accommodation providers in fragile natural areas and their customers and build a new European offer of quality training aimed jointly at two target audiences: managers of tourist accommodation in natural areas, and tourists who frequent them.



October - 2020 / March - 2023

Target Groups

Managers and teams of tourist accommodation; tourists who wish to learn eco friendly Behaviours.

Products and Outcomes

  1. An environmental self-diagnostics guide for tourist accommodation managers and teams, allowing them to identify their weak points and their margins for progress with regard to environmental issues;
  2. Eco training content for tourists who wish to train in eco-compatible behaviour by preparing their stay in accommodation located in a natural area, and for tourist accommodation managers and teams a series of thematic chapters, taking up the axes of the self-diagnostic guide;
  3.  An e-learning platform accessible to all, putting content from previous productions online for free and in an interactive way.

Project Partners

fr Coopérative SUD CONCEPT (France)