Nature Tourism as an Empowerment Tool

The objective of the NATUR learning course is to increase new opportunities of employability, develop the existing small business already installed and potentiate newones to emerge. This combined with preserving local nature and culture and also promoting the nature conservation.

The learning model takes into account that the learners want to continue living in the rural areas. The developed model will meet the need of the target groups - as mentioned above - to develop and improve the skills and competences necessaries related to nature tourism activity sector


October - 2010 / September - 2012

Target Groups

  • Entrepreneurs or future entrepreneurs who develop business in the nature of the tourism sector
  • Local development agents
  • Technical Municipalities
  • Trainers and Consultants

Products and Outcomes

Project Partners

pt AidLearn, Consultoria em Recursos Humanos, Lda (Portugal)