Establishment of a coordinated and collaborative network on migrant issues in Europe

The aim of the ECN4MI project is to create an effectively functioning institutional network for solving the issues of integration and adaptations of migrants in Lithuania by drawing from best practices, findings of specific studies and expert advice from other countries. Further, it concentrates efforts on providing migrants with the vocational skills they lack as well as on facilitating the recognition of their professional qualifications or individual skills/competences.



November - 2020 / October - 2022

Target Groups

The ECN4MI project is targeted at immigrants and emigrants as well as refugees and asylum seekers in Lithuania.

Products and Outcomes

  1. A “developed model”, which will serve as a basis for creating and operationalizing a real network of institutions, bodies and organizations dealing with migrant issues in Lithuania.
  2. 100 trained individuals who are staff of those institutions dealing with migrant issues in Lithuania.
  3. A final project conference.
  4. The completion of five focus meetings (targeted meetings in Lithuania, Germany, Sweden, Italy and Portugal) to develop institutional networks for migrant issues and develop synergies between them.

Project Partners

lt Qualifications and Vocational Education and Training Development Centre (Lithuania)