Peer Train

Strengthening Capacities to Support Active Ageing in the Conditions of the 21st Century - Peer Mentoring Program for People 50+

Peer-Train tackles the necessity to promote active ageing and lifelong learning through easy to access peer-mentoring for people 50+. Additionally, peer-mentoring also can serve so people can be inspired by others who experiences similar life situations, and have displayed a good coping strategy or even have professional experience in a particular subject. Through participation in the Peer Mentor Training developed in this project, peer-mentors enhance their skills and become better able to transfer their experiences in a way that is suitable for people 50+.


November - 2021 / November - 2023

Target Groups

The target groups of the project include experts, people 50+ with professional knowledge, working experiences and competences, who are sufficiently enthusiastic, confident, motivated and interested in becoming a peer mentor, but also mentees - people 50+, who are interested in receiving help from more experienced peers in various fields.

Products and Outcomes

Peer-Train will produce the following results:

  • What Works in the field of Mentoring Services for People 50+? - comparative study to determine the efficacy
  • Peer Mentor Training “Peer Mentors of the 21st Century for People 50+”
  • Mentoring Programme for People 50+ in the form of Blended-Learning
  • Interactive On-line Platform

Project Partners

de EureCons Förderagentur GmbH (Germany)

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