Developing Competences of Seniors

The project ECOS (EU - “RE” creation: Developing Competences of Seniors) is dedicated to developing cooperation and exchanging experiences of educators working with persons at risk of marginalization due to age, health condition, and limited physical or mental performance. This partnership involves 6 organizations from Sweden, Italy, Austria, Poland and Portugal.




December - 2020 / June - 2023

Target Groups

The project aims at qualifying educators working with individuals aged 60+ years with psychological, interpersonal and methodological skills, which are essential for the work with elderly. At the same time, it promotes methods among the staff working with those at risk of being marginalized due to their age and/or performance.

Products and Outcomes

ECOS takes a complex approach towards the seniors’ needs by providing training for educators working with persons at risk of marginalization due to age and limited performance. They will participate in workshops and presentations of work methods. Methods will include different modes such as art therapy and theatre techniques, music therapy, knowledge and IT skills, communication technologies, Internet and security, recreational and sports activities, as well as biographical methods of work. By doing so, the intellectual, creative, physical and social activation of the elderly will be promoted.

Project Partners

pl Poleski Osrodek Sztuki (Poland)