Strategic Partnership for Older People’s Inclusion into the Digital World

SPIDW is an Exchange of Good Practices in the field of Adult Education project. Thus, the priorities of the project are allocated in extending and developing educators’ competences, open education, innovative practices, and social inclusion in the digital era. It intends to enable organisations to develop and strengthen their capacity to increase the ability to work internationally by sharing ideas, methods and good practices, and implement successful activities with older people at local, national, and international levels; improve capacity of experts working with retired people in the digital field; and promote social inclusion. Digital skills enable older people to communicate and have a better quality of life.


October - 2018 / September - 2020

Target Groups

  • Adult educators working with seniors
  • Later life learning providers
  • Senior-learning project providers

Products and Outcomes

  • e-brochure with good practices
  • 14 films

Project Partners

de EureCons Förderagentur GmbH (Germany)

Social Networks