Be Smart - Strategic Partnership For Digitally Excluded

“Be smart – Strategic Partnership for Digitally Excluded” (SPADE) has been developed with the ultimate goal of aiding people at risk of exclusion due to their advanced age and/or deficits in their education. Its particular focus is digital exclusion. Thus, SPADE has activities planned to help learners overcome barriers they might have, such as lack of motivation and/or skills, in the use of digital technologies. Furthermore, SPADE will offer learners the opportunity to gain the appropriate digital literacy in courses tailored to their psychophysiological needs.


October - 2017 / March - 2020

Target Groups

  • Adult educators working with seniors
  • Later life learning providers
  • Senior-learning project providers

Products and Outcomes

  • E-brochure with experiences all participants of workshops - students, teachers

Project Partners

pl Poleski Osrodek Sztuki (Poland)

Social Networks