Learning -a Response to Ageing

The aim of the LARA project was to develop and pilot training to equip adult educators to create and deliver learning that is responsive to the demands and opportunities of ageing. Interim milestones were: the conduct of research; the development and delivery of courses for adults of all ages and of a training programme; the publication of a training manual.




December - 2008 / November - 2010

Target Groups

LARA stands for Learning a Response to Ageing. It is a Grundtvig multilateral project funded by the European Commission´s Lifelong Learning programme. Its target groups
Are trainers and adult educators on the theme of ageing and learning.

Products and Outcomes

  • The LARA research report
  • LARA courses for adult learners
  • The LARA training package for adults age
  • Training manual
  • The LARA newsletters
  • LARA Final Congress
  • LARA Film

Project Partners

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