PEER – Dare to be wise!

PEER – Dare to be wise! is a Grundtvig multilateral project which aims to provide facilitation of informal and non-formal peer learning in online communities supported by customized Web2.0 tools for adults aged 50+.





October - 2011 / September - 2013

Target Groups

  • Operators of 50plus platforms
  • Organisations who want to augment their existing website by introducing user-friendly, Web2.0 tools in the domain of an ageing society, such as 3rd Age Universities, senior associations, care givers of older people and other organisations in this field.

Products and Outcomes

  • Guidelines for target groups: Pedagogical and technical aspects of setting up targeted online peer learning tools; available in the 23 EU languages, reviewed by platform operators and experts.
  • PEER Web2.0 tools in five languages (zip package) for adaption to own platform, supported by the guidelines documentation,
  • Handbook of quality assurance for the implementation of Web2.0 tools

Project Partners

at Zentrum fuer Soziale Innovation (Austria)