The Early Childhood and Primary Education for Peace

The ECPEFP project tackles the issue of violence and pretend to implement a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence as stated by UNESCO manifesto that declared 2001-2010 as the decade for promoting a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence in the World. The project aims to address this issue according to a preventive perspective and developed a pilot anti-violence training programme, directed particularly at the educators of young people from 0-16 years old. The training programme comprises three modules (1- Individual Strategies for Teachers in Peace Education, 2- Social Strategies to Cope Violence in Educational Environments, 3- Selected Approaches to Violence in Educational Environments). Through improving the skills and abilities of educators and through new approaching to teaching and learning skills on the Peace Culture, the course expects to future support a culture of peace in young people.


December - 2007 / November - 2009

Target Groups

ECPEFP target groups are the educators who work with young people of early childhood, ages between 0 and 16 years old, because they are the ones that can have a more direct influence in the young people education for a culture of Peace. Therefore there will be a more effective prevention of the violence problem. Potentially, all population in general can be a target group of ECPEFP project, since all society must have an active role in the prevention of this nowadays phenomenon.

Products and Outcomes

  • ECPEFP Project Logo
  • ECPEFP Website;
  • ECPEFP Project Leaflet,
  • ECPEFP Course in CD-ROM

Project Partners

tr Gazi Üniversitesi (Turkey)