The Bigger Picture

The 'Bigger Picture’ project is funded by the EU under the Erasmus + strategic partnerships for adult education.

Poverty, imbalances, migration, gender inequalities, climate change, and conflicts come from causes inherent to the global economy and current development models. Based on this awareness it is necessary to act on the level of education for global citizenship.

The big challenges of contemporary society require that individuals have a global consciousness. In other words, that citizens own knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that favour a more sustainable and inclusive world.

A global citizen knows how to grasp interdependence and think critically, can imagine, plan, and act responsibly for the common good.

Education is therefore seen as a tool for change, so this project aims to strengthen the ability of organisations providing learning opportunities to adults, by developing a strategic approach that empowers educators with the competence to reflect global dimension in adult education, effectively opening a window on the world to help see the ‘bigger picture”. It is done through innovative teaching and learning resources, as for example, a course on global learning for adult educators and Global competency Frameworks.


September - 2018 / September - 2020

Target Groups

The beneficiaries are

  • Adult Educators
  • Adult Learners

Products and Outcomes

  • Country Report - an authoritative report on: adult global learning in each of the partner countries
  • Global competency Frameworks - A global competency framework for Adults and Adult educators
  • Teaching and Learning Resources
  • A Course on global learning for adult educators including a fully Online version
  • Guidance for Adult educators on reflecting global and international development issues in adult education.
  • Thematic Workshops

Project Partners

uk Global Learning & Skills Partnership (United Kingdom)

Social Networks