Dropping in the drop-outs

DIDO is an European project designed to understand and prevent early drop-out rates in second chance education.

The DIDO project cares to deeply perceive the reasons that drive so many adults in adult education to drop-out before they fully complete the courses/programs, in a way to create an interventional instrument with the greatest and most relevant possible impact in the effort to reduce the share of early leavers of education and training as part of the Europe 2020 strategy.

So, through a toolkit that consists of tips, tricks and good practices, DIDO project intends to provide the centers and practicioners in adult education with a practical instrument that allows them to contribute for the goal of increasing the chances of educational success of adult students throughout Europe.


October - 2017 / August - 2020

Target Groups

  • Students in adult education who already have commenced and even completed a part of their educational route, but drop out before they went through the entire curriculum and obtained their diploma;
  • Adults under the age of 30, with a low income and without a job since research has proven that this group is especially at risk of dropping out.

Products and Outcomes

  • Analysis report about the why and the prevention practices in early drop-out in adult education (O1);
  • DIDO toolkit - practical instrument for centers in adult education (O2);

Project Partners

be CVO Antwerpen - Centrum voor volwasswenenonderwijs (Belgium)

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