Business Innovation

Industries 4.0, the dawn of a new era?

Venue: PIC - Portugal Industries® Center | Santo Antão | Batalha

Date: October 26th 2016

Marks the end of the InnoWork Project "Towards a more innovative Workplace ", which aims to create a more favourable environment for innovation in micro, small and medium-sized EU companies.

Former Minister Mira Amaral integrates the panel of guests, accompanied by the CEO of D. Dinis Business School, Vitor Ferreira, and the Director of Marketing and Innovation inCentea, Paulo Martins.


15h45 - 16h00 | Welcome
16h00 - 16h15 | Opening session
Raul Castro – President of the Leiria Town Council
Maria Helena Antunes – Managing Partner of AidLearn, HR Consulting, Ltd
16h20 - 17h15 | Panel I
Luís Mira Amaral, Director of the Portuguese Society of Innovation
Vitor Hugo Ferreira, Executive Director of D. Dinis Business School and Professor at IPLeiria
Paulo Martins, Director of Incentea Marketing and Innovation
Moderator: Célia Marques, Celia Marques, Director of Leiria Económica
17h15 – 17h45 | Coffee break
17h45 – 18h45 | Panel II - Debate
18h45 – 19h00 | Closing
Fernando Sousa, President of the Portuguese Association on Creativity and Innovation (APGICO)


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