CREATive Urban Sharing in Europe

The CREATUSE is funded under ERASMUS+ program and is about the learning to be creative in Urban areas thanks to the improvement of the level of key competences and skills of citizens.





September - 2015 / August - 2017

Target Groups

The beneficiary is anyone living in an urban area and that want to find creative and alternative ways to fell more active, connected with the neighbours and also find a local job coming from a stimulated entrepreneurship e.g. social enterprises

Products and Outcomes

The project aims to:

  • Research and in-depth analyse from across EU successful GOOD PRACTICE examples about creativity and sharing in Urban areas
  • Promote the development, testing and implementation of INNOVATIVE PRACTICES/METHODOLOGIES in: Creative Problem Solving Methodology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Open space Technology, World Cafè method, other resources and tools to promote, activate and driving a Shareable city etc.
  • Transfer the knowledge about the METHODOLOGIES through an interactive GUIDE integrated with videos in order to promote the active citizenship, creativity and exploit the results to urban and local areas
  • Stimulate ENTREPRENEURSHIP and mainly social entrepreneurship thanks to the methodologies acquired and to a deep knowledge of own local area’s needs

Project Partners

it Youth Europe Service (Italy)

Social Networks