Stereotypes and Hard Science Fiction

The 'Stereotypes and Hard Science Fiction' project is funded by the EU under the Erasmus + strategic partnerships, School Education.

In the current times there are more and more socio-political conflicts between neighbouring countries, migrants and refugees arriving in Europe, economic crisis; which leads to prejudice and discrimination based on gender, socioeconomic classes, racial and ethnic stereotypes; promoting general xenophobia, racism, gender-based violence, torture, discrimination between social classes and sexual orientation. On the other hand, and considering technological advancements in today's world, science is attractive to students. Also appealing to young people is books and movies. In StereoSciFi, we put it all together: we will use books and movies, science fiction (hard science fiction, especially in social sciences), which portray social stereotypes and social situations that can lead to discrimination, to create activities to develop social skills in students. These activities will be tested at schools in partner countries.


December - 2017 / November - 2019

Target Groups

The beneficiaries are:

  • students from 12 to 18 years old
  • teachers and educators working with students from 12 to 18 years old

Products and Outcomes

  • Catalogue of Science Fiction Books and Films, including minimum 12 books and 12 films portraying social stereotypes and situations.
  • Activities Suitcase, based on 4 books and 4 films selected from Catalogue, and minimum 3 activities per book / film. Pilot Actions in schools of partners’ countries to test the activities.
  • Teachers Guide, with guidelines to teachers use the Catalogue and Activities Suitcase in their schools.

Project Partners

pt AidLearn, Consultoria em Recursos Humanos, Lda (Portugal)

Social Networks